IsoDynamic, in partnership with Ad Infinitus, LLC, created the Three Minute Messenger ™  and the ExtendRx Resource Centers offered to pharmaceutical companies by data-mining firm MTI as a turnkey online package for providing physicians with detailed information and drug samples.  

The Three Minute Messenger offers a scenario based learning approach, where a physician analyzes several patient cases and provides responses to key clinical questions.  ExtendRx Resource Centers have been developed for Aciphex, Augmentin, Celebrex, Ciprodex, Detrol, Ditropan, Niaspan, Ultracet, Vigamox, and others.

Jungheinrich Total Cost of Ownership

IsoDynamic was selected by Adventive Marketing to collaborate in the development of the Jungheinrich Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) online calculator.

Jungheinrich is a manufacturer of premium forklift products, and the Total Cost of Ownership calculator allows users to plug in the cost of vehicles, electricity costs, and gasoline or diesel costs to compare the true long term cost of owning and operating an electric, DC forklift.  (Hint: It makes good financial sense to buy DC!)


IsoDynamic was selected by the Center for Telepsychology to develop an online version of the K-SADS, a computer-administered screening for DSM-V disorders in children and adolescents.  

IsoDynamic worked closely with Dr. Kenneth Kobak, PhD, to translate screening responses and diagnostic heuristics into algorithms, and then implement into an efficient, database driven application that dynamically guides a user through an expansive sequence of questions, stores all responses, and provides a suggested diagnosis to a qualified clinical psychologist.