IsoDynamic was selected by the Center for Telepsychology to assist in the development of an online training course for administration of the HAMD – The Hamilton Depression Rating Scale.  

The tutorial features principles and general guidelines for administering and scoring the HAMD, as well as numerous hands-on opportunities to practice scoring patients of all levels of severity.  

Improving Requesting

IsoDynamic worked closely with the Center for Telepsychology and Dr. Wendy Davis (Autism Center – University of Washington) to develop Improving Requesting, an online learning course targeted to parents of young children with Autism.  

The program uses online quizzing, animations, videos, and scenario based learning to teach parents effective strategies for developing skills in their young children during every day routines and activities.


In collaboration with the Scholar Centric, IsoDynamic created a course on Resiliency for the Department of Education in the State of Texas.

This online course presents core pieces of Scholar Centric’s proprietary curriculum on Resiliency to teachers – the ability for students to “bounce back” from setbacks and to thrive in school.


The Sounds of History

In collaboration with the Lightbeam Group and Smithsonian Folkways, IsoDynamic created The Sounds of History, a custom game designed to engage the senses and help children develop a deeper understanding of history through music.  

Students are asked to listen to a musical snippet, and then categorize the music by Historical Era.  Once the student has properly classified the snippet by Historical Era, they are asked to sub-categorize according to topic.  The process allows students to view history through a unique, auditory perspective, and have fun along the way. 

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