100 Years of Creating Demand

IsoDynamic was selected by McCann Worldgroup, the world’s largest network of Advertising Agencies, to develop 100 years of Creating Demand.  

The piece is a fanciful review of McCann’s diverse 100+ year history of creating world class advertising marketing creative.  Designed to inculcate a sense of identity amongst McCann’s diverse agencies, the course was a worldwide basis through McCann’s Learning Management System (LMS).

A Day in The Life

In collaboration with the Lightbeam Group, bigchalk,  and The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, IsoDynamic created A Day in the Life, a Virtual Field Trip that contributed to bigchalk’s Codie Award as Best Educational Web Site for Kids.  

A Day in the Life allows students to explore 18th-century American life through the lens of social class.  The student participates in interactive activities from the point of view of eight different people of different social strata, ranging from an enslaved person to a person participating in the House of Burgesses, the legislative assembly of Virginia.

Click here to see (Flash required).

American Farmland Trust

IsoDynamic was selected by American Farmland Trust to develop an animation that visualizes an in-person demonstration of an apple being sliced to represent the disappearance of our precious farmland.  

This is a great example of how IsoDynamic can transform written content into a spectacular learning piece that people both understand and remember. 

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Cognitive Behavior Therapy

IsoDynamic was selected by the Center for Telepsychology to assist in the development of an online training course for therapists to administer Cognitive Behavior Therapy for Anxiety Disorders.  

The online course features treatment strategies and opportunities to practice skills that enable a therapist to use CBT for a variety of anxiety disorders.