The IsoDynamic 5 Minute MBA

Designed as a value added to small businesses who'd like a little free advice on a variety of marketing topics. This a summary of my 19 years of running IsoDynamic, eight years in marketing at the Quaker Oats company (now Pepsico), a summer internship with General Motors, four summers as a Kemper Scholar intern with Kemper Insurance, and two years at the University of Chicago (now Booth) School of Business. This stuff has been stolen from literally dozens of exorbitantly priced consultants, blue ribbon task forces, university professors, and marketing books. Repackaged to look like mine. Also includes a few original ideas.

  • Time is money. The most profound concept in business. Discounted cash flow and essentially all of finance flow from this.
  • Buy low, sell high. Can't lose.  BTW Portfolio balancing also ensures this happens.
  • Up is good, down is bad. Some people violate this one by eloquently reporting to upper management that down is really good in this circumstance, and that while up would be nice, 
  • down is really all that can be expected given the context of the situation, and there are so many signals pointing upwards at this point that the good and the up is clearly inevitable. Then they get promoted. Don't be like this.
  • The 80/20 rule (Pareto optimality), which says the 80% of results come with 20% of effort and the last 20% of results take 80% of the effort. I think forecasting is a good area in which to practice this. Many companies spend enormous amounts of time forecasting demand with no scientific methods and no real performance tracking. My advice: as a marketer, spend your time understanding and delivering to your consumer. Hire a consultant to develop a quantitative forecasting methodology, or just get a dartboard, make that forecast using the 80/20 rule, and move on to something where you can make an impact. Companies in the know have changed their manufacturing to produce to demand anyway.
  • Correlation is not causation. The most underrated and least widely known principle in business. Look it up on Wikipedia and implement.
  • Assholes wreak havoc.  I think that mental illness is actually rampant within corporations, and it's amazing to me that people (especially managers) can get away with treating people badly for years before it catches up to them.  I've noticed that everyone seems to know who the problem people are except for upper management.  Just ask the underlings and you'll find out quickly who the stinkers are.
  • Dogs are overpaid and stars are underpaid.  Most corporations have such tight rules around compensation that the differential between these two groups is not nearly what it should be.  It's always tough to tell people they're not doing a good job - most people think they're just terrific.
  • Debit on the left, credit on the right. Pull this one out just to show the accountants you're not going to take any guff.

Congratulations! I now confer upon you all the benefits and privileges associated with achieving an MBA from our rigorous program at IsoDynamic. Don't forget to update your resume. 


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