IsoDynamic is helping to save lives through the ongoing development of, a site that helps Doctors and Pharmacists determine the appropriate dosage of the powerful blood thinner warfarin for their patients.

“We are honored to continue our work with Dr. Brian Gage, Professor at Washington University in St. Louis School of Medicine, and one of the world's leading researchers on blood thinner ” says Kraig Robson, President of IsoDynamic. “He is at the forefront of leveraging technology to implement Personalized Medicine, which factor's a person genetic profile into algorithms that determine an appropriate dose of blood thinner."

Dr. Gage selected IsoDynamic to create the database driven Web application hosted at to implement these algorithms. Doctors and pharmacists from all over the world visit the application, enter patient data (anonymously), and receive a recommended dose based on a suite of constantly improving algorithms that factor genetic profile, age, weight, race, day of therapy, etc.

IsoDynamic is now enhancing the site to support a new clinical trial supported by the National Institute with Dr. Gage serving as its Principal Investigator. The trial will compare the efficacy of different types of dosing algorithms.

Dosing with warfarin can be tricky because people metabolize the drug differently. Too much warfarin can cause a bleeding event in the patient, while too little may lead to another clot. has been featured in a variety of publications, including the Wall Street Journal. "We think that Dr. Gage is really a hero for developing this sort of best practices approach to medicine, and we are very excited to continue improving an application that has the potential to save lives", says Mr. Robson.