IsoDynamic is a small, dedicated team of employees and long-term contractors who have been working together on a diverse array of custom health care technology projects for over 15 years.  Our small size means we are totally flexible and completely focused on satisfying the complex needs of our customers.  

If we can't do it right - we don't.  There is no B team.

Deeper Meaning.

From saving lives of people on blood thinners to helping teenagers struggling with mental illness to helping children with autism, we take on projects that have deeper meaning and societal benefit.  We put our hearts into every project.

Kraig Robson.

The constant element within this mix is Kraig Robson.

Since founding IsoDynamic in 1997, Kraig Robson has personally managed the delivery of over 400 technology projects.  These projects have ranged from small Web sites to complex e-Learning courses to Moodle installations to seven figure Web applications.  For customers like Abbott Laboratories, the Washington University in St. Louis, Iverson Genetics, Johns Hopkins University, The University of Texas (Medical Branch), McCann Worldgroup, Oracle, and Sprint.

Kraig has a B.S. from Stanford University in Mathematical and Computational Sciences, an MBA from The University of Chicago with a Specialization in Marketing, 8 years in Brand Management running businesses like Celeste Pizza and Gravy Train with the Quaker Oats Company (now Pepsico), and over 15 years running IsoDynamic.

Kraig enjoys leading a diverse group of programmers, graphic designers, instructional designers, audio and video specialists, writers, and project managers.  He will continue to be hands on with every project because he loves the work and continues to believe in the promise of helping people through thoughtfully-implemented technology.